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- Mo-Bo MB 800 All-Terrain -

MoBo MB 800 All-Terrain


When we received the huge package, with the senders adress from Mo-Bo in Hamburg (Germany), we was surprised, because we assumed that there was two boards for testing purpose. However, when we opend the boxes we realized very quickly that it is only one, very lovingly packaged Mo-Bo 800 Alltrack Mo-Bo MB 800 Verpackung After all cartons, foil and styrofoam paddings was removed, we faced this awesome Mo(nster)-Bo(ard) for the first time.

Huge 118 centimeters long, proud 52 centimeters in width (deck width: 28centimeters) and a good 24 centimeters distance from the ground combined with a fighting weight of around 30 kilos. So the MB 800 eclipse every conventional skateboard in true sence of the word.

Furthermore, we found in the package a detailed manual, with key tips for handling the board, a charger a small bag with all tools you need to repair the board. Included was also a remote control in pistol shape, operated with a 9V battery. This battery was also included.

Before you can have the first ride on your Mo-Bo 800 the battery should be fully charged. The charging can be three to six hours, witch should be sufficient time to study the manual thoroughly.

The first impression of the Mo-Bo MB 800 was consistentyl positive. A top-quality processing and super optics through a transparent, sprayed griptape.

Pictures of the unpacking


After the board was fully charged, we put it in the trunk, together with a normal skateboardMo-Bo MB 800 im Kofferraum and made our way towards our first test. We picked the edge of the forest as proper scene. On the one hand side there was paved roads and on the other was dusty forest paths with hedge and ditch. Perfect to test this all-rounder. The first 'steps' on the board were passed on solid ground. For acclimatization to the new driving conditions, we first tested the acceleration and braking characteristics of the board.

The new condition were captured quickly, resulting in a relative short familiarization phase. Afterwards the board was hunted even faster and more skilful over the pavement first and then straight through the woods. Particularly striking was the tank-like inviolability combined with a smooth and precise steering. The potholes, branchers and stones on the path simply was ignored. This combination bruited a feeling of security, even at maximum speed on the forest paths. The 4 inch tires act as suspension and absorb every stroke, whereby the board is not ruffled. Further safety is spread by the direct and precise steering. That way you can initiate evasive maneuvers even at high speed without any thought of falling of the board.

Furthermore, the easy and intuitive handling of the remote control attracted positve attention. (see 'Control')

If you know the slight rattle of wheels on asphalt from a normal skateboards, the Mo-Bo 800 appears somewhat loud in the first moment. But you'll get used to engine noise as you follow the driving habit of the board. Looking at the volume as newcomer you'll have to admit that the electric skateboard is a lot quieter than a normal skateboard. So you can hear the electric skateboard, only if it's in close proximity, whereas the normal skateboard is acoustical perceivable on a greater distance.

Mo-Bo MB 800 im Lautstärke Video


A major issue in electric skateboards of course is the security. That's why we focused on control over the board in this category.

The dimensions and the robust processing of the Mo-Bo 800 spread a special kind of security on their own. This creates a certain atmosphere of wellness. The surface of the deck has a coating similar to griptape, which provides a non-slip stand. This is advantageous because you're steering the board with weight shift. Through that easy going steering, it's enough if you tap heels or toes on your back foot, which is placed optimal over the rear axel. The result is again a solid stand, so you can gain best board control with a bit of practice.

The handling of the remote control is similarly straightforward as that of the board. Pull the trigger of the small plastic gun to the back and the board gets faster. When you leave the trigger it will slip back intro zero position and the acceleration process is interrupted. For braking you just push the trigger forward. Depending on how hard you push the trigger forward, your board gets more delayed, but not abruptly.

Obstacles on the road, provide no problems for the MB 800. Gully covers, pavement edges or potholes are words you don't need to worry about. Nevertheless, each one how's driving a electric skateboard should wear sufficient protectors. Please don't underestimate the final speed of 20 mph.


The ATB from Mo-Bo comes not along in DVD format, so at this point the question is: how flexible are you with the 800 watt version from Mo-Bo?

Due to the huge size of the MB 800 - 118cm (l) x 52cm (w) x 24cm (h) Mo-Bo MB 800 - and a weight of about 30 kilograms, you are somewhat limited in your freedom movement. You neither will get the board into your backbacks board-catcher, nor you're happy to carry it long time form A to B. One way to bring along your board may be the trunk of your car. A advice to everybody who is willing to carry the board right under his arms: Lift the board from the knees not from the back!

Pushing is similar to carrying your board around, it is possible but you'll need a certain amount of effort, because there is no engine idle at the MB 800.
At this point we unfortunately have also to disappoint all lovers of a reverse gear. The power pack of Mo-Bo moves just in one direction: Forward!


540 Double Kickflips or Fakie Varial Heelflips, possibly known from normal skateboarding, will only remain a dream. Even here the dimension of the board are in leading role. On one side the board is to heavy for making a reasonable ollies, on which a majority of tricks is based, on the other side the board is to long and to wide to get it in an appropriate rotation.
If somebody wants to convince us of the contrary, he may like to try this.

But there are a few things that are possible, like power slides, wheel slides and frist class donuts. Offroad-, BMX- and Mountenbike trails may be large fun too, because jumphills pose no problem to the board.


The mandatory time sprint. With us on 100 meters. It was tested on an asphalt trackTeststrecke. Here we have a perfect figure for all boards. Same route, same condition.

100 meters in 17.3 seconds Mo-Bo 100m Zeittest

At first glace the time the 100 meters was completed in, is mediocrity. But if you mind that it is an Alltrackboard everything looks different. If there were a subdivision in weight categories as in boxing, the Mo-Bo 800 would be the sprint world champion in the heavyweight.

Remote Control

Mo-Bo MB 800 Fernbedienung The remote control of MoBo is a pistol shaped, wireless remote made of plastic.

The principle of the remote control is similar to that of an RC car. For acceleration, you'll pull the trigger backwards, for braking you'll push the trigger forward. If you're leaving the trigger, it will slip back intro the zero position. The dosage of acceleration and deceleration is like a accelerator in a car. Pressed the accelerator with one sense, the vehicle will start the forward motion gently, pressed hard and jerky, we have to expect a 'kick start'.

The power button of the remote is there, where the quick release of a revolver is. Once you've switched on the remote, a short 'beep' sound mentions the operational readiness.

A special feature of the remote control is the function to throttle the maximum speed. Therefore we'll find a small switch for the regulation in the battery compartment under the 9-volt battery. There are three stages, one for "scared rabbits", one for "children" and one for you. We suggest to drive the first battery charge at the slowest speed, the second one on the mid-speed and after that you should be ready to go for the full speed.

The remote has a range of approximately one meter. If the connection between the board and the remote control is interrupted, the board slows down if it's moving in that moment. The board doesn't move on independently if you fall off it or if you'll lose the remote control for any reason.

During our testing phase with the board, we couldn't determine any radio dropouts.

Equipment and repair

From seven times glued deck to the permanent magnet industrial motors, that ensure the necessary power, everything is processed highly precise. They had even a eye on the clear line of the design. Therefore the MB 800 shines in an elegant wooden look.

The battery is used by the variety "SLA (lead / acid)". These are slightly heavier than Li-ion batteries but also less vulnerable to shocks.

For the loose screw after a trip into the countryside Mo-Bo returns directly a complete set of tools. This eliminates the endless search for as suitable tool if you want to tighten a bolt.

For warrenty counts the legal liability for defects, saying 24 months, with the exception of wearing parts and electronic components. Otherwise the Mo-Bo-Team delivers the right solution for every problem by contacting them via phone or mail.


Power has a name: Mo-Bo MB 800 All-Terrain! Whether on the road, the meadow or the forrest the Mo-Bo MB 800 marches across all soil conditions like a Jeep. Whether curb, root or gravel runway with this off-roader, you will fell at home anywhere.

Everyone who is searching for a real all-rounder for funny off-road excursions, this is the board to have. If you've dashed over a meadow or a forest path once, you would spend you whole days on the board.