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What's available on the market, and how efficient are the boards?

Electric skateboards are relatively new to the market. Nevertheless, there are already a couple of manufacturers around the globe. Here on our website, we are focusing on the manufacturers which we have currently found.
The boards are basically all built very much alike. Still, each manufacturer has developed their own special recipe in order to build THE most perfect powerboard. Here is a list of the most important specs:

Whatyou get
Electro Boardsfor rougher terrain and streets
Pricesvarying from 170€ up to 990€
Motor Powerbetween 150 - 800 Watts
Tiressolid rubber slicks, solid rubber with profile, mantel tires slicks and mantel tires with profile
Remote Controlwireless or wired (obsolete)
Board Sizebetween 34" (aprox. 87 cm) and 46" (aprox. 116 cm)
Weightbetween 7 kg (aprox. 15.4 lbs) and 30 kg (aprox. 66.1 lbs)
Rangebetween 11 Km (aprox. 6.8 miles) and 40 Km (aprox. 24.8 miles)
Battery Capacityvarying from 2x 14 Volts 9.5 AH to 3x 12 Volts 12 AH
Velocitybetween 11 Km/h (approx. 6.8 mph) and 48 Km/h (aprox. 29.8 mph)
Accelerationfrom 0 to 40 Km/h (aprox. 24.8 mph) in 4 seconds
Breaking Distancebetween 10 and 12 meters (aprox. 0.006 and 0.007 miles)

The above data varies depending on the board's manufacturer
The best Electric-Skateboard manufacturers you find here on our page.



There really are tons of questions to be asked if you've never actually set foot on one of these boards yet.
We will try to answer all of these questions for you step by step. If you should come up with any further questions that haven't been asked here, feel free to send us an e-mail concerning 'FAQ'.