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- Contact - is run by its two representatives: Kai Hauser, a dude in his early 30s and experienced oldschool skateboarder, and Andreas Nemet who is in his mid-20s and has been a long-time skateboarder likewise. Skateboarders by passion - Web designers by profession: Owning at both, we definitely see this site as a wonderful opportunity of killing two birds with one stone.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to:

be listed as a manufacturer
share any info missing on the site
place any ads on our site and/or support us in any possible way
be interviewed by us about your boards
reveal any brand-spankin' or even top-secret news (sources won't be listed as per request, of course *g*)
send us some boards to be tested and mercilessly reviewed by the guys
be part of our crew and contribute anything worthwile
just chat with us about anything else we haven't mentioned yet :-)

You can contact us by e-mail:
Or hit us up on the phone if you're brave enough: +49 (0)6324 8738903

If you dig the old-fashioned way, you may also send us a postcard or even a letter in a nice envelope (Note that all boards must be send to this address as well):
Kai Hauser
Bismarckstraße 26
67454 Haßloch



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